A Tribute To Crumpy: Barry Crump 1935-1996

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Dimensions: 185 x 245 x 21
Publication Date: 1997

Keep your head down and your strides on and your mouth shut and weave your way through life.

When Barry Crump died on July 3, 1996, the public outpouring of grief was quite extraordinary. Barry had seemed so much a part of the New Zealand landscape, and such a larger than life character.

This book is a celebration of Barry by the people who worked with him, or knew and loved the special private side of a very public person. Some contributors shared significant moments of his life, and there were many such moments in the sixty-one years of extraordinary adventures and experiences.

Extracts from Barry’s books, some of his poems, the first chapter of the last book he was working on, and his private photograph collection are also featured.