Annabel Langbein - Assemble

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Paperback (large)
Dimensions: 217 x 253 x 15mm
Publication Date: 2008

In this book Annabel Langbein draws on a global palette of flavours to create great dishes without complicated or time-consuming methods. The emphasis is on choosing the freshest ingredients and using quality convenience foods to best advantage so that meal preparation becomes more a matter of assembly than lengthy preparation. Taking a fresh ingredient and a simple method, she presents a range of exciting flavour variations.

Grilled fish can be glazed with chilli and lime, served Mediterranean-style with aromatic basil oil or richly flavoured with Japanese miso. Whichever way; it takes just minutes to prepare and minutes to cook.

A simple sponge (bought or home-made with the greatest of ease) provides a springboard for a double-layer party cake filled with cream and strawberries, tender sponge drops, a stylish Napoleon cake, creamy tiramisu and a range of fruity sponge puddings - all with the same starting point.