Barry Crump - Bullock Creek

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Paperback (med)
Dimensions: 136 x 210 x 13mm
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BARNEY CARTER - " as a sack-needle and as tough as a wool-pack." - returns to his old stamping-ground in the high-country of the Southern Alps and meets up with a bunch of hard and colourful merino sheep-farmers.

Barney wins their respect and they accept him by bestowing upon him a nickname that will stick to him for the rest of his life. He takes up the challenge of wintering it out on Bullock Creek Station, on the bleak slopes of the Barker Range, and has to use all his knowledge, experience, ingenuity and luck to get himself and the widow and the stock alive through the worst winter on record.

There's a bit of skulduggery going on and The Doughroaster deals with it in his own unique and entertaining way. 

Bullock Creek is an adventure story about a rapidly-disappearing lifestyle, written in the vivid style that distinguishes Barry Crump's writing. and which has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers, both here and abroad.