Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills For The NZ Bush

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Dimensions: 149 x 210 x 11mm
Publication Date: 1995

It is now more than ten years since the previous edition of the Bushcraft manual was published. As a guide to the bush for both novices and the more experienced, that work has stood the test of time. 

However, the major change in the management of the back-country of New Zealand, with the creation of the Department of Conservation, has been mirrored by an increasing concern for the physical resource. This new edition emphasises the responsibility of every person for the environment, and the need for careful consideration in the outdoors. Growth in the use of the bush for recreation and enjoyment can only continue with respect for the bush itself, and for the needs of other recreationists. 

This edition has also incorporated information about the new equipment and clothing which is available, while maintaining a firm eye on practicality and economy. It offers alternatives, and encourages participation. 

There really is no substitute for practical experience. The bush and mountains are neither friendly nor hostile; to enjoy them, you must learn to understand them. This book seeks to provide some basic knowledge on which experience and understanding can be built. There are many advantages in learning from the experience of others and the tramping and mountain clubs have much to offer both novice and expert.