Cake Decorating At Home - Zoe Clark

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Dimensions: 211 x 277 x 9mm
Publication Date: 2011

Cake decorating is creative, fun and easy to learn, and this book proves that you shouldn't save your cake decorating ideas just for christenings and weddings! Cake Decoration at Home has a recipe for every occasion, whether its a tea party, a wedding or a special Christmas gift. Over 30 designs for cakes, cupcakes, mini-cakes and cookies allow you to make delicious homemade treats for friends and family all year round! The featured cake decorating techniques suit all skill levels. Illustrated step-by-step instructions guide even the most novice decorator through the stages, from baking the cake to adding the finishing touches. On top of that, you 'll find ideas how to extend the theme to your table decorations and decor, to create the perfect atmosphere. Casual lifestyle photography and a cookery-book feel will take out the fear of sugarcrafting and encourage beginners.