David Gemmell - Troy: Lord Of The Silver Bow

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Dimensions - 106 x 178 x 44mm
Publication Date: 2006

(Troy Series Bk 1)

Three lives will change the destiny of nations.

Helikaon, the young prince of Dardania, haunted by a scarred and traumatic childhood. The priestess Andromache, whose fiery spirit and fierce independence threatens the might of kings. And the legendary warrior Argurios, cloaked in loneliness and driven only by thoughts of revenge.

In Troy they find a city torn apart by destructive rivalries - a maelstrom of jealousy, deceit and murderous treachery. And beyond its fabled walls blood-hungry enemies eye its riches and plot its downfall.

It is a time of bravery and betrayal; a time of bloodshed and fear. A time for heroes.

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Fast delivery and great quality

Thanks for this. The book came timely and I was very impressed with the quality. No difference to buying it off the shelf in a bookstore.

Hi Benno, thanks for taking the time to post a review. We're happy you are impressed with your purchase & look forward to dealing with you again in the future.