E.V. Sale - Kelly (The Adventurous Life of Kelly Tarlton)

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Used Very Good - inscription written on the first page.

Large Trade Paperback
Dimensions - 170 x 235 x 18mm
Publication Date: 2010

Kelly Tarlton became a legend within his own lifetime for his many adventures with treasure hunting, marine archaeology, the museum of shipwrecks at Paihia - and perhaps best known for Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World public aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand that was opened in 1985 just a few weeks before his death at the age of 47. Built in disused sewage storage tanks, the aquarium used a new form of acrylic shaping, which allowed curved tunnels rather than viewing areas with flat panels. This exciting book unfolds the whole story - from his early days as a champion spearfisherman and pioneer diver, and through countless shipwreck salvages in New Zealand and overseas.