Ian Wishart - Arthur Allan Thomas: The Inside Story

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Paperback (med)
Dimensions: 145 x 211 x 18mm
Publication Date: 2010

For the first time in 40 years, the man wrongly convicted of the Crewe Murders breaks his silence to tell the full story.

"A NEW WITNESS COMES FORWARD: “Dear Ian, I have had information since 1970 that I have been far too frightened to release. I made an effort to inform the Police in 1970 and spoke to a Sergeant Johnston … he told me that if I ever rang the Police with that information again or made any attempt to have it made known then I would be the next bastard found in the river.”

Award-winning investigative journalist Ian Wishart hunts down significant new leads, and for the first time, Arthur Allan Thomas describes his arrest, his years behind bars and his life since release - an incredible, never-before-told story...