Karen Robards - Desire In The Sun

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Dimensions: 106 x 172 x 28mm
Publication Date: 1988

In this steamy romance by “the mistress of sizzling sensuality” (Romantic Times), the beautiful daughter of a plantation owner, Lilah Remy, is swept into a wild romance with the dazzlingly handsome man her family has just enslaved. Raised an English gentleman, Joss San Pietro finds himself caught up in the turbulent currents of the Deep South as he tries to right an ancient wrong. Destiny brings Joss and Lilah together as equals, then throws them together as mistress and servant onto tempestuous seas. Shipwrecked, marooned on a deserted island with only each other to depend on, they must work together to survive as the passion that has always sizzled between them blazes into a conflagration too hot to resist. They find themselves enmeshed in a love affair as fiery as it is forbidden….