Looking After Your Body - Reader's Digest

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Used Very Good, some fading to spine Hardcover (large & heavy)Dimensions: 202 x 261 x 34mm Publication Date: 2003 Looking After Your Body: Your personal guide to successful ageing - Reader's Digest Aging well used to mean "choosing your parents wisely." Not anymore. The results of a major nationwide study...
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Used Very Good, some fading to spine

Hardcover (large & heavy)
Dimensions: 202 x 261 x 34mm
Publication Date: 2003

Looking After Your Body: Your personal guide to successful ageing - Reader's Digest

Aging well used to mean "choosing your parents wisely." Not anymore. The results of a major nationwide study reveal that your lifestyle -- more than your genes -- determines your health as you get older, and that most "age-related" health problems are entirely preventable. That's great news -- if you take the right steps now to protect yourself from illness and pave the way to a long, enjoyable life. What's the trick to slowing the clock? It's the little things you do every day. For instance, simply taking a daily multivitamin can help boost your immune system, counter depression, and lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. And a mere 20 minutes of exercise a day can mean the difference between developing a chronic disease like diabetes or avoiding it. Researchers have also discovered that people with strong social ties live longer and get sick less often.
Chock full of surprising insights and practical advice, Looking after your Body is your hands-on head-to-toe guide to preserving your mental and physical well-being. In Part I, you'll learn how to use diet, exercise, vitamins, and herbs to best advantage. Highlights include mouth-watering recipes, a complete fitness program, and a six-week stop-smoking plan, plus challenging brain games and smart tips on weight loss and stress relief. Part II covers common "age-related" ailments, from arthritis to varicose veins, including how to cope with them and -- most important -- how to prevent them. (Did you know that eating fish once a week can slash your risk of heart attack? That regular exercise may help stave off Alzheimer's disease?)

You'll take quizzes to rate everything from your diet to your emotional health, then find out how to raise your score. And you'll read important words of warning. (Did you know that if you're too sick to eat, you shouldn't take Tylenol?) Don't wait to see what toll the aging process will take. Instead, take control now and head off health problems before they start. It's easier than you think.

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