Nora Roberts - One Wish

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Paperback (med)
Dimensions: 129 x 198 x 34mm
Publication Date: 2011

2 Great Reads!

Waiting For Nick

Frederica Kimball had been waiting all her life, waiting to grow up, waiting forever for the day when Nicholas LeBeck would fall as desperately in love with her as she had always been with him. Nick didn't know what had hit him. Sweet, adorable Freddie, whom he'd always loved like a kid sister, was suddenly all woman. And his feelings for her were anything but brotherly

Considering Kate

Kate Stanislaski Kimball, the daughter of Natasha Stanislaski, turns her back on fame and glamour to build a new life as a dance teacher and finds herself falling for Brady O'Connell, the rugged contractor she hires to renovate her new dance school.