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Used Very Good, light wear/creases visible on cover, pages tanned

Trade Paperback (large)
Dimensions - 154 x 233 x 38mm
Publication Date: 2004

(Papua Series Bk 2)

Jack Kelly and Paul Mann have survived one world war-will they survive another? When the Japanese threaten to invade the Pacific the two men know that they must do everything in their power to protect their country, and their loved ones from an ambitious and merciless enemy.Lukas Kelly and Karl Mann are like brothers-just like their fathers-and both are determined to do their part for the Australian cause. While Karl works undercover in espionage, Lukas trains to be a pilot. The two men have also inherited their father's passionate nature, and romantic entanglements raise the stakes even further.

Four men, with ties closer than blood fight to hold on to love, and a world that is gradually disappearing. When the war finally explodes terrible tragedies, courageous deeds and enduring friendships will change their lives forever.

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Book in very good condition and can't wait to read. Will purchase from you again

Thank you for the lovely feedback, we look forward to doing business with you again in the future.