Rich Dad's Guide To Investing - Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Investing means different things to different people there are different investments for the rich, poor and middle class. Rich Dads Guide To Investing is a long-term guide for anyone wanting to become a rich investor and invest in what the rich invest in. As the title states, it is a 'guide" and offers no guarantees. just a my rich dad offered me no guarantees... only guidance." 

Robert Kiyosaki, 

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad & The CASHFLOW Quadrant 

A, Guide to Investing will reveal... 

* Rich Dad's basic rules of investing 

* How to reduce your investment risk 

* Rich Dad's 10 Investor Controls 

* How to convert your earned income into passive and portfolio income 

* How you can be the ultimate investor! 

"We can all have three types of financial plans; one to be secure, one to be comfortable and one to be rich. Rich Dad's Guide To Investing is an inside look at an entrepreneur's financial plan to be rich," 

Sharon Lechter, CPA Co-Author Rich Dad, Poor Dad & The CASHFLOW Quadrant 

From the authors of Rich Dad Poor Dad - Bestseller in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week and Sydney Morning Herald.